Education is an effective tool to change unfortunate backgrounds.
Raise Your Hands & Say "YES" to Education.
Educate the girls, the whole society gets educated.
Success comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.
We are Shiksha Nepal. We are Impacting Education.
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Welcome to Shiksha Nepal Sanstha

Take an oath to Spread Shiksha in Nepal.....

While visiting different parts of Nepal, we saw small little boys and girls strolling around the street and working in the fields rather than going to the school. We enquired with few of the parents and got answers that were mostly common which include financial crisis, inadequate infrastructure, lack of awareness and so on and so forth.

Considering this heart touching situations, we took an initiative and brought the idea of bringing Shiksha Nepal in existence with the slogan of “No child shall be deprived of right to education in rural and unprivileged sections of Nepal”. This slogan makes the role of Shiksha Nepal more significant as it seeks to supplement, compliment and substitute the existing mentality of the rural people and education system in the country and reach out to the underprivileged and lower section of the society.

Chairman's Message

CA Bikram Jaiswal

We at Shiksha Nepal Sanstha are fully committed to our mission and vision. We have a team who are self-motivated and focused to bring changes in the society and success and prosperity in the life of the individual and their family by providing the right platform for education to change their unfortunate backgrounds.

Our members are making all efforts to provide quality education and guidance at no cost. With our tagline, “Impacting Education”, Shiksha Nepal is making all possible efforts to bring changes in the existing education system of the society which is driven by profit motive and ensuring education spreads to the unprivileged children and society at no cost through our sponsorship programs.

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