Bikram Jaiswal is a qualified chartered accountants and hold two bachelor and one master degree. He is astute professional with cross functional expertise in the entire gamut of audit operations. He helps young kids to achieve their dreams by providing free of cost education and study materials and has been conducting several programs for the welfare of the society.

Nikita Chaudhary is a Web Designer. She improves people’s daily life in the digital world. She helps people and businesses get their messages across in ways that are memorable, effective, and aesthetically pleasing. She also holds BBA degree.

Anuradha Rauniyar is an Ophthalmologist by profession. She helps people to see the world which is light and bright by taking care of their eyes and ensuring they remain healthy. She is passionate about fixing the vision of people and spreading happiness which they can be felt and seen from their own eyes. She also runs her own eye clinic.

Anuradha Rauniyar

Riya Jaiswal is a first year medical student currently studying at Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences, Bhandarkhal, Kathmandu. She is persuing her life long dream of becoming a doctor as she loves the art of medicine and the art of humanity. She wants to maintain and restore human health and give a ray of hope and joy to the suffering humanity.

Riya Jaiswal

Sneha Chaudhary is a computer science student, studing as an Indian Government scholar. In a field where reach of girls is not abundant, she is exploring her dreams and learning to code for change. She is working hard to graduate as a good programmer so that she can help in solving real world problems.